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  • David's shoe store - Toronto
    A true shoe conoisseur never misses a chance to walk through David's on Bloor Street. Highlight: Their seasonal sales are a great time to stock up on fabulous buys. I scored a fabulous pair of Yves St. Laurent boots at one of their sales at half off the original $1000 ticket price. Drawback: You can sometimes find the same shoes elsehwere for a better price. That being said, David's service and insight is unparelled.

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October 09, 2005



This is a really great article. For all shoe shopaholics out there, this would help them realize how much excess shoes they have.


that is kind of secular of you. maybe you should go into society in rags and see how you fair. probably would get knocked out. you are nothing without your shoes therefore you should fix them because you are a lesser human being than i.


OMG! Do WHATEVER you have tio do to save them. That is what I do. I will have them reheeled, resoled.. get the last bit of life out of them. I too have had to dye a pair after going to a party and having someone spill wine on a pair of light colot leather shoes. LONG LIVE THE SHOES! :)


$60 is a small price to pay for extending the longevity of your shoes!!! Especially since you got them at a sample sale...they were already a deal, so a little extra to keep them looking pretty is definitely worth it. I am a shoe fanatic as well and would not hesitate to rescue a damaged pair :)


high fashion shoes in ottawa? you really have to scrounge around; howver,just found a very nice shop in the rideau centre (shepherd's is the name) and they carry some pretty funky and inexpensive shoes of the moment (under $100!!!),great little fabric numbers (terrific with jeans!)


one can never have tooooo many pairs of shoes and of course if they are faves you must invest in their repair!!

clear shoe boxes keep out the dust as well as allowing easy access to the pair of the moment.....just keep those clear shoe boxes coming!!!

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