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  • David's shoe store - Toronto
    A true shoe conoisseur never misses a chance to walk through David's on Bloor Street. Highlight: Their seasonal sales are a great time to stock up on fabulous buys. I scored a fabulous pair of Yves St. Laurent boots at one of their sales at half off the original $1000 ticket price. Drawback: You can sometimes find the same shoes elsehwere for a better price. That being said, David's service and insight is unparelled.

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August 30, 2007


Large Plastic Storage Containers

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I do not know what I would do without having metal storage containers. Our small three bedroom house doesn't have a whole lot of storage so we need to use the space we have as efficiently as feasible. What works nicely for us is utilizing the storage containers within the top and bottom of closets. Not only do they save space there, but we can get them out very easily whenever we want. Our garage is also nice and organized thanks towards the numerous containers we have out there. We pretty much couldn't live without them unless we moved to a bigger location!

Metal Storage Containers

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I've always been a large fan of metal storage containers. Our small three bedroom house doesn't have a whole lot of storage so we have to use the room we have as efficiently as possible. All of our closets have numerous different storage containers in them, which has worked out truly nicely. The greatest part is that they're completely out of sight until we need whats in them. We also use tons of them in the garage for tools, paint, chemicals and essentially any other misc items that would otherwise clutter up our tiny two car garage. Basically, we couldn't reside without these things!

Metal Storage Cabinets

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I have to admit, I truly do enjoy cabinets. My place would be such a mess if I didn't have my trusty cabinets around. I was kinda bummed when I had to remove a number of my cabinets when I moved last year, I just did not have room to take all of them, particularly since I knew my new location was going to be smaller. Fortunately, I was in a position to keep several cabinets. They truly do make storage much more conveniant, especially in condos or apartments where there is limited space obtainable. Now I can keep more of my valuable floor room free of charge of clutter! And also the best component is I can tuck the cabinets away when I am done! Under the bed, in the attic, closet, wherever!

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