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    A true shoe conoisseur never misses a chance to walk through David's on Bloor Street. Highlight: Their seasonal sales are a great time to stock up on fabulous buys. I scored a fabulous pair of Yves St. Laurent boots at one of their sales at half off the original $1000 ticket price. Drawback: You can sometimes find the same shoes elsehwere for a better price. That being said, David's service and insight is unparelled.

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October 31, 2009


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Maybe I'll just wait for your next update about it. Thank you!

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Wow haha, How hard was it to pick that pumpkin in those shoes

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Oh my gosh! She looks more sexy with those.

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She looks good on pumpkin.hahaha


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She is gorgeous but the way that she thinks it is awful it is like she just look one side of things.

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Paris picking Pumpkins in high heels...hmmm, okay, then.

Love the image of the black shoes in your sidebar - they're great!

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